AC Myths You Need to Really Stop Believing

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No, the air conditioner isn’t going to provide you a cold. Know what other Air Conditioner myths you can now stop believing.
You Don’t Just Need to Clean Coils and Fins
Air conditioner fins and evaporator coils enable heat to pass out from refrigerant inside the unit out in the air, just when condenser coils absorb the heat from inside your house. This procedure of moving the heat is very essential, but it can really become impeded by many layers of grime and dust. If you don’t check your coils ever, the grime is costing money and decreasing its efficiency. Clean the air conditioner at start of the hot season and check that regularly, especially after high winds or storms to ensure that your fins and coils stay clear.
The Bigger the System, the Better
ACs are sized carefully to the cubic feet amount they have to cool. That is mainly important when you’re buying a new AC or renovating your home. If an AC is rated for smaller space than what you have, it’ll work very hard to cool air, wear out quickly and struggle hard to meet the diverse demands of a thermostat. If the Air Conditioner unit is rated out for a bigger space than you’ve, it will turn on/off constantly, wearing itself and growing unreliable over time. Pay full attention to the capacity and choose the correct unit for the room you have.
Turning The Temperature Down For Fast Cooling
It’s a common mistake which comes from the older days when lots of homeowners did not know much on how their AC units worked. People would turn down their thermostats very low often in hopes that it’d make the Air Conditioner work harder or respond more quickly. It doesn’t. The AC works as hard to even lower the temperature about one degree like it does for lowering it by almost 20 degrees—it is just matter of time only and the settings that you have selected. So program the thermostat to where you exactly want it, and not lower than what you need.
Better to Let The AC Run Until It Completely Quits
The primary cost of replacing the AC is high, but this does not mean you must avoid a new purchasing. Do not make the mistakes of keeping your older air conditioner long even after you must. An old AC will perform badly, cost you much more money in repair and become more of a problem than it is worth. If your Air Conditioner unit is 10 – 12 years old, you can start saving your money on monthly bill by investing into a newer, more effective model and contact AC Repair Sun City West for installation of newer one.
Close Vents in Rooms That You Do Not Use
Generally, this doesn’t save energy. The manner a residential cooling and heating system is intended, the air handler moves a certain quantity of air regardless of what vents are closed or opened. So, closing registers might reduce the complete amount of air that is moved by blower, which decreases its efficiency.
The Air Conditioner System is Prepared for Summer Season
This summer ensure that your air conditioning unit is prepared to get to the work. You may have to clear out the debris and dirt, check out the coolant levels and replace your fan’s filter.
Leaving Temperature at Same Setting All The Day Will Save You Money
Setting cooling system 4-6 degrees warmer while you are away at your work or on a vacation and lowering it t automatically o 78 degrees while you’re at home can cut even 5- 20% on your energy bills.


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