Everything you should know about sparks from switches

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Why sockets spark?
In cases where you connect an appliance and the switch is already on, sparks take place. This is because the current flows from the socket. Vice versa, when the appliance is turned on while plugging in sparks occur. You might have witnessed sparks from appliance while they were turned off too. This is because of the power storage in the capacitor of these electrical appliances. Whereas, talking about high voltage appliance’s sparks are quite common. This is because they suck high power with a jolt to turn on.
Main causes of sparks from switches

  • What are switches? In simple words, switches helps to make and break the electric current flow. Used in all sorts of small and big appliances. These buttons have mechanical springs which clink when you turn it on and off. It is not possible to make this process slow. This clink produces a spark.
  • When wiring is missing grounding, sparks occur for sure. This is a risky matter. Get your wiring checked if you doubt.
  • Worn out switches. Burnt parts cause hazards.
  • We know water and electricity are no match. If, they come in contact sparks are obvious.
  • Faulty wiring causes this problem.
  • Old wires lead to sparks and big fires eventually.

Are sparks safe?
Small sparks are usual and don’t possess any threat. Tiny blue common sparks can be categorised as safe. These minor sparks are innocent but don’t take them too lightly. Further, bigger sparks are not safe. Red, giant, hot sparks are of concern. They can lead to a fire or other hazards in your house. Save yourself from this threat. Burnt smell from switches is a sign of bad loose connections. Seek help from your electrician immediately to resolve this serious issue.
Short circuits and sparks are different.
Don’t get confused with short circuits and the sparking sockets. Both are different. A short-circuit takes place when a wire heats up highly and comes in contact with another wire which is live too. This instance will produce a big spark and even turns into a big fire in certain cases. Short circuits are dangerous and should never be taken lightly. If, you are experiencing regular short circuits and trips at your electrical panel it’s high time to hire an electrician. A licensed electrician will have a complete look at your electrical system and do the necessary corrections effectively for your safety.
How to solve sparks?

  • If you are having regular sparks problem at a certain switch then open it up and have a look. If, the wires are loose, just tighten them up and it will be all good. It is mandatory to turn off the main power to that outlet before you commence at your DIY project.
  • If you notice the switch is worn out replacing it will eradicate the sparks problem.
  • In cases where the wiring is burnt out don’t hassle. Hire Electrician Sun City West to handle this complicated situation safely.
  • Tighten the outlet covers.
  • Install high quality electrical outlets and switches only. Check if they are tested and contain warranty on them.
  • Regular electrical maintenance services can save you and your family from emergency situations caused by big sparks. The technician will keep a constant eye on the health of your electrical system and keep problems at bay.
  • In cases where wiring is old or faulty, get it fixed before it’s too late.
  • Resolve grounded issues ASAP without a flinch. Don’t worry about expenses, this is going to save your precious life after all!
  • Replace all aluminium wiring. These types of wires were used long back and they are not safe for your property.


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