Picking the right light for your home

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Lights are a very important component of your home. Not only lights illuminate our home in the dark but they also make our home beautiful if chosen correctly. If you are thinking to remodel your home, you should consider replacing your old lights to create the soothing effects in your home.
Make a light plan with the help of Electrician Sun City West before getting involved in the lighting remodeling:

  • Decide your light goals – Before choosing any light for your room it’s important to keep in mind what kind of work you will be doing in that particular room. Light requirements differ from different rooms. You will need different kinds of lights in the kitchen than from the bathroom.
  • Choose the style – Now that you know which room is assigned for what task; you need to decide in what kind of style you want your lights to be. Do you prefer a vintage style or you like the modern style? Match the style with the interiors of your home.
  • How many lumens is sufficient for you – Lights are usually measured in watts but we use lumens when it comes to renovation. Lumen is a measure of how much light a bulb gives while watt measure how much energy the bulb consumes.
  • Planning – Now that you have decided most of the things, it’s time to plan things little further. Decide on which wall the sconces are needed to be mounted and where the chandelier is going to be installed. You should pick an accent light for your study and a pendant light for the kitchen area.
  • Picking the right bulbs – Choose a combination of bulbs which includes LEDs and incandescent bulbs. You should keep in mind where in your home do you need energy efficient bulbs. Incandescent bulbs are the best to use in the chandelier which gives soothing warm light. LEDs can be used in the places where the cool lights are needed.
  • The desired number of outlets – A lighting plan is useless if you don’t pay attention to the placements and numbers of outlets. The nearest outlet should not be far away otherwise it would be difficult to use the light.
  • Dimmer switches – You can create different mood through lights by regulating the dimmer. Dimmer switches are must to have if you want a little change and at the same time if you want to save energy.

Types of lights – Choosing a light is not very easy when you have numerous options available nowadays. To make the process easy,choose from the variety of lights given below:​

  • Chandelier – Chandelier is a hanging light which provides ambient lighting. They are a good choice for a dining hall or drawing hall. They add glamour to your decoration.
  • Sconces – Sconces are stuck on the walls. They are great to light up the stairway, bathroom, and the pathway. They work excellently as accent lighting.
  • Pendants – A pendant light is suspended from the ceiling through a cord or chain. At the end of a cord, a single light fixture is installed. They can be used as ambient lights or accent lights.
  • Flush mount – The dome-shaped light which is affixed to the ceiling and works to provide the ambient light for the entire room. They are best suitable for the children’s and guest room.
  • Track lights – Track lighting is attaching many lights on a single bar. It is used to provide accent lighting to the area where it is needed.
  • Recessed lights – Recessed lights are installed in the ceiling. They come in various designs. 6-inch recessed light should be installed at a distance of 6 feet and 4-inch lights should be installed at a distance of 4 feet. They are used for the general lighting system.
  • Hidden lights – Hidden lights are installed below the cabinets and it is used to illuminate the cooking surface. They illuminate the kitchen and give an overall beautiful effect.


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