Save Your Air Conditioner with 3 Do-It-Yourself Ways to Insulate The House

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It is summer time and things may begin to heat up. There are some things much more invigorating than stepping from blistering hot day in your cool and air-conditioned house. If you are like most people, you love to be comfy in your house even in the summer heat.
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Unluckily, the rate of such a service can add up quickly. Follow these easy, fun DIY tips to remain cool during warmest months, and also save wealth to boot!
The Chimney Balloon
If you have never heard of the chimney balloon, then you aren’t alone, AC Repair Sun City West are there to help you out. It is an inflatable and plastic gauge balloon which seals off the unused chimney effectively, keeping the warm air from easily drafting in. Not just does it works excellent in the summer season, but in winter too by keeping the cool air out.
If you look for “chimney balloon,” you will find many types and it could be a bit overwhelming. Thankfully, you easily can make your own using some simple supplies.
Bubble wrap
Slab of cardboard
Tape measure
Packing tape
Firstly, measure the biggest part of the chimney and cut a piece of the cardboard one inch smaller at least on every side. Next, wrap up the whole cardboard in the bubble wrap and also tape it in whole place. There must be one inch of the bubble wrap at least overlapping the cardboard. Ultimately, use the current creases and fold cardboard in the chimney.
The Draft Stoppers
The draft stoppers, also known as door snakes, are among the simplest methods to conserve energy, especially because they could be made with the supplies you have on hand probably. They even make for excellent noise reducers, particularly if you’ve a small baby in your house with another noisy sibling playing during the nap time. They are fun to create and you even can get the children involved.
Poly-pellets, rice or popcorn kernels
2-3 socks
Quilt batting, stuffing from old pillow or polyester fiberfill
Needle and thread or fabric glue.
Use the funnel to pour one cup of kernel in the sock. Add one layer of stuffing —one handful roughly. Use the measurements and carry on to alternate between two materials. Popcorn kernels are utilized for weight and stuffing is utilized for shaping of stopper and the insulation against cold air, noise and heat.
Repeat with remaining socks unless they are all filled. Next, link every sock to one another by overlapping open end of first sock to closed end of the other one. When sock sections are together, sew up end with some hand-sewn stitches so as to finish the project. You can even glue the ends.
The simple project must save you a few big bucks on the A/C bills. If you are struggling over which type of draft stopper you should use, go on Pinterest and look for “DIY draft stopper.” There, you’ll find out a lot of cool ideas.
The Blackout Curtains
For early risers in the home, hang the blackout curtains to assist them catch some extra Z’s. A few blackout curtains ensure to block nearly 99% sunlight from coming in the room.
The blackout curtains mute nearly 40 percent of the outside noise too. Lawn mowers, dogs barking, cars driving by, and even the loud neighbors cause you no issues. This is excellent for the daytime sleepers, kids trying to get nap in or in case you just wish to curl up to binge on Netflix in quiet and peace.
Lastly, blackout curtains decrease energy costs. They actually can save you nearly 25 percent on the electricity bills. And like chimney balloons, these blackout curtains not just keep heat out during summer, they’ll keep heat in also during the winter.


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